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:::::: 03.13.03: 1st day of journey into austral-asian realm in which we found a city ridden with beaches, buildings and kindly hoards ::::::
this is a rough transcription of events transpiring during our trip through austral-asia, which may or may not be of interest, import or relevance to the world at large, but should convey some sense of what life has brought in our way for us to peruse or discard.

our trip begins with an all night flight arriving in sydney at dawn. cops and dogs looked us over until we were judged suitable for admittance. we rode into town as the day was beginning its traffic and melee. we decided it wise to stay up to avoid serious jetlag, though we were winded and wired from our time travel (we lost a day in transit--australia is a day ahead). we walked along the waterfront and saw the famous opera house shining in the heat, as a caribbean man played classic rock songs on the steel drums. young couples sprawled on the grass, vendors doled out ice cream, great ships come and went, tourists taking it all in--these were the sights that met our eyes as we searched for lunch. after a meal we headed to bondi beach, world renowned sun and surf ground.

we were dazed by the blinding sands and topless throngs where the turquoise waves met the land and craggy cliffs rose up beyond. the water was bracing and the air damp and heavy. we explored the paths that wound down the coastline over cliffs and rock formations. this provided ample views of endless ocean and nature. we came to strange coves and villages where people gathered to feel the sun on them or laze over an extended meal. surfers, elderlies, blond people and children populated this place of symmetry and health which reminded us of another era, the 50's maybe. exhausted, we went back to town, watched the night come over the bay and took our rest.