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:::::: 03.24.03: a three hour tour ::::::
it being the end of our trip in australia we decided to rent a boat and ride around sydney harbor.

There was the obligatory duran duran 'rio' video reenactment of course. I played the painted lizard woman while justin did his best simon le bon. this eventually mutated into an outstreched-arms-at-the-stern-of-the-boat reenactment of titanic, with someone singing celine dion. greg our keyboardist took a precautionary dose of dramamine to avoid sea sickness. after lunch we found him completely passed out snoozing away the afternoon.

meg white came along in a fantastic white outfit and big white wide brimmed hat.

back on land, we headed over to bondi for one last look as the sun was going down. the beach was completely empty except for a gang of people in red wigs being led around by a drag queen.