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:::::: 03.25.03: across the threshold and over a hemisphere ::::::
today we flew to japan. at the sydney airport we waded through koala stores and inflatable kangaroos.

we flew on a japanese plane that had strange wallpaper of drawings of little characters from all nations. the ones from italy were botticelli and michelangelo figures. strange to see a man's penis on the wallpaper of a commercial airplane though.

I looked out the window for a long time at the jeremy blake sky.

we got to osaka late and took a van to kyoto. my old friend yuria stopped by to say hello. she's from kyoto and has shown me all the secret kyoto places over the years. a geisha theater with an orchestra made up of elderly women. a 500 year old tofu house. a zen garden with rocks laid in a cryptic pattern by monks a 1000 years ago. a japanese burrito place filled with handpainted wooden squares of customer's sexual wishes hung on the walls for good luck and a statue of a dog ripping off a young boy's pants out front. she brought me a book of paintings by young japanese artists. one of a 'pac-man' ghost being bloodily impaled by a banana in particular stuck out.