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:::::: 05.26.03: dust my broom ::::::
another radio show today, this time in philly. it was cold and wet and audiences were more sedate than the usual philly explosion. I noticed lots of military backstage, who were somehow part of the show. the whole thing seemed more somber than past philly radio shows. I talked to cody chesnutt who was with the roots. told him I liked his record. he had the pimpingest hat of the day for certain. we also met hot hot heat, who were cordial and talkative. we had a nice conversation going on in the hallway till audioslave's security came to clear us out. with that we left and embarked on another 7 hour drive. we decided to take a day off out in the sticks in virginia. we rode our bus down back country roads till we ended up at some strange plantation place at 4 in the morning. we dusted our brooms and took our lodgings.