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:::::: 06.01.03: poplockin beats from orlando ::::::
I got off the bus at break of day into the oppressive florida heat to the sound of loser being piped through the outdoor sound system of the strangely abandoned resort hotel we were encamped in next to the venue. we were essentially playing in an amusement park replete with rollercoasters and water rides. back stage there was a gong I employed on stage for the 'finale' of the show to wail on in sunset strip hairmonger attrition.

our next stop was boca raton. supposedly dashboard confessional was getting the key to the city (its chris' hometown). we were playing in an outdoor mall/foodcourt place. dashboard kids were singing along to all the songs as they tend to do. I was thinking they should mic them up and get a polyphonic spree style teen army choir going! the heat was intense but we still kicked out some food court poplockin beats from korea.

about 1 am we found a beach to sit on and laughed senselessly at stories traded back and forth and back about an infamous japanese male groupie who calls himself f@ckboy.