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:::::: 06.09.03: accidents will happen ::::::
after being cancelled, relocated and rescheduled, we finally got word that field day was going ahead. the day before was perfect june weather. we walked thru central park and checked out the mathew barney exhibition. the day of the concert, it was pouring rain. the stadium loomed dark and grey in the down pour. we pulled up to the gates where half a dozen military stood with machine guns. we went thru 3 check points, searched and IDed. then we took a transport van thru another gate to the backstage.

after arriving we headed up to the stage to survey the scene. the stadium was half full, a small army of rain slickers scattered about. walking off the stage, a large rather musclar man swung around and bodyslammed me in the ribs. it knocked the wind out of me, then I realized my ribs were all swollen. they had a medic check it out and he told me I had to go get an x-ray. unfortunately this was right before we were going on. it turned out to be a bad contusion. by the time I got back the beasties were on and we'd missed our slot. I was fairly guttered but still wanted to try to come out and attempt an acoustic song or two. there was much confusion and back and forth. ultimately it was not to be, even though there was a 40 minute break between bands. my apologies to all who came to see us (though with beasties, radiohead and elliot smith no one left empty handed). we were incredibly hyped up to play and have a cool set going at the moment. hopefully some of you made it up to saratoga the next night. I hate missing shows and never do, except for when we've run into hurricanes, blizzards, freak lightning and typhoons. otherwise we are there ready and willing to serve. thanks for your understanding and concern.