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:::::: 06.14.03: two jeff tweedy's and a microphone ::::::
got into chicago around 6 in the morning. we'd played in detroit the night before. ben from the dirtbombs came out with a bunch of friends to see us. he gave me a cd of the solo show I did there last summer. ben is a sweet guy and a trove of data on psych rock and nell carter.

when I woke up chicago was seriously fogged in. you could scarcely see 2 blocks away. (this is the middle of june people!!) our tour has been riddled with foul 40 degree rainy weather, but we have kept our hands on the plow and forged ahead.

today was auspicious in that it was the first time the two jeff tweedy's were brought together. jeff tweedy has been my guitar tech (which means he fixes our guitars and sets things up) for the last few years. he is a gentle quiet creature and a rarity among the rigorous world of road dogs. walking up to his work station one may find him doing trigonometry. ask him what he did over the weekend he'll tell you he got married. he's secretly fluent in japanese. he probably owns an island in the south pacific where he is building an interplanetary space probe. the other jeff tweedy is known widely as the front man for wilco . before we were going on he and his wife walked into our dressing to say hello. I asked him about jeff tweedy number two and he said he has gotten calls about guitar teching over the years due to confusion with the name. let it be known here and now that these two jeff tweedy's are distinct and separate persons, not one living a double life as a guitar tech pretending to be a rockstar or vice versa. we were never totally sure as we'd never seen them in the same room together, so questions remained, doubts lingered. but now that they've been seen together all is laid to rest and we can continue with our lives and with our minds at rest.

anyway, our show was real. chicago gave it to us and we took it with thanks.