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:::::: 06.17.03: redrocks ::::::
it was a full moon in denver, which was an inescapable fact due to our location, ensconced in the mountain perch outdoor venue called redrocks, which is a 70 year old amphitheater hewn out of giant stone mountains. it is the same redrocks of u2 and john tesh fame, though I made a pledge not to make any references to either during the show (though I did say I was 'comin strait ill like entertainment tonight' at some point during hlwd freaks). I'm sure denver people are ready to shed past glories and move on to new fangled redrock immortality. so, no flags, torches or pubescent gymnasts.

looking at the walls listing previous performers, you have everyone from the morman tabernacle choir in '56 to the beatles in '65 and hendrix with vanilla fudge in '69. it rains on schedule for 20 minutes everyday, even out of a clear blue sky. its a strange place. something else is at work here.

I was moved to reflect on the manifold changes since my last time at redrocks in '97. puff daddy is now p. diddy and band names usually start with a 'the'.

tonight was dashboard confessional's last show with the tour. thanks to them and their crew. they were very kind to us and appreciative of the tour. best of luck to them in their further endeavors.

black keys got a standing ovation tonight. (come early to see them if you're attending any of the shows.) they came up on stage for the encore. being from akron, they laid down some serious devo damaged moves. hopefully onlookers were not too damaged by our eruptive displays of gridlock.