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:::::: 07.11.03: fare thee well u.s.a. ::::::
well friends, our tour of the u.s.a. has come to a close for the good year of 2000 and 3. we laid down the last joyous noise in irvine, california on a hot friday night. I'd like to thank everyone who came out and partook of the conflagration. you made it all possible. thanks to the band for pulling up their bootstraps and playing for blood. if you saw the shows you know these gentleman were committed. thanks to jeremy blake for giving us his films to project behind us. they made the sea change songs levitate. thanks to my crew, I love you guys and girls. we'll see all of our u.s.a. contingent and the bjeck volunteer poplockin auxiliary next year when the new album comes out.

if you missed the tour I'll be putting up photos from the shows. here's one of the lightsuits.