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:::::: 08.11.03: somewhere in europe pt.2 ::::::
we played out in the middle of nowhere at an all weekend festival in portugal tonight. beth gibbons played before us. completely haunted. there were about 25,000 people watching her and it was 2 in the morning. I ran into damon, badly drawn boy. saw him last at a radio station in sydney where he was very kind and warm. he was playing solo around euro festivals and had no band or crew except for a tour manager. instead he brought 10 friends along to imbibe the summer sounds. it can get strange and remote out on the road, to blow everything off and just drag out all your mates is amazing. and rolling 10 deep is almost hip hop in its numbers. (does 10 auxiliary people around you at all times qualify as a posse?) at the end of his set he brings them all out to do hand claps on one song. my dream band--solo guitar and voice, with 10 handclappers. can I throw a valet in there as well?

backstage I was attacked by a praying mantis. we played till 4am in the morning. 25,000 people all jumping and chanting soccer songs. they clap along flamenco style over here, even to lost cause. damon came out and did a duet with me of an old tune, puttin it down. again the clapping.