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:::::: 08.17.03: plastic spaghetti ::::::
east germany on a sunday. dead as christmas morning, with no presents for anyone. a strange capsule hotel with a giant shower head in the middle of the room, which obliterates everything with water when turned on. an experiment in water damage.

saw german gangsta rap videos with fake LA cops. went to a street called 'anger' where disgruntled east german teens were celebrating 1993.

another festival with placebo, who are huge here (the rock bands have it good at the festivals). our bass players have bonded. they make a cute pair. the show was on a lake. we played as the sun set. rowers rowed row boats. children bungee jumped from a 5 story bungee tower. there was a 'beck's' biergarten off to the side. fists pumped. voices raised. spastic strutting. kisses. tank tops. lighters. encores. german girls with bizarre haircuts involving plastic spaghetti.