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Number of shows: 0
Number of unique songs seen live: 0
Number of releases: 104
Number of unique songs owned: 264
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:: albums owned ::

A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight 10" Fingerpaint 002 United States

A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight 10" Fingerpaint 002 United States

Guero 2 x 12" B0003546-01 United States

Guero CD UICF-1035 Japan

Guero CD + DVD B0004365-00 United States

Guero UMD B0005851-77 United States

Guerolito 2 x 12" B0005650-01 United States

Guerolito CD B000565002 United States

Mellow Gold CD DGCD-24634 United States

Mellow Gold CD MVCG-153 Japan

Mellow Gold LP BL 12 United States

Mellow Gold LP SVLP 0044 United Kingdom

Midnite Vultures 12" BL46 United States

Midnite Vultures CD 0694904852 United States

Midnite Vultures CD 4905272 United Kingdom

Midnite Vultures CD MVCF-24060 Japan

Modern Guilt 12" B0011630-01 United States

Modern Guilt 12" XLLP 369 United Kingdom

Modern Guilt CD B0011507-02J, HSE-70031 Japan

Modern Guilt CD B001150702 United States

Modern Guilt CD + DVD HSE-71031 / B0011507-02JX Japan

Mutations CD UICY-91234 Japan

Mutations LP + 7" BL39 + BL40 United States

Odelay 2 x CD UICY-7341/2 Japan

Odelay 4 x LP ORG 010 United States

Odelay CD B0010262-02 United States

Odelay CD DGCD-24823 United States

Odelay CD GED 24908 United Kingdom

Odelay LP BL30 United States

One Foot In The Grave 12" KLP 28 United States

One Foot In The Grave 2 x 12" BOO12829-01 United States

One Foot In The Grave CD 70051 Japan

One Foot In The Grave CD B0012829-02 United States

One Foot In The Grave CD epcd 006 Japan

One Foot In The Grave CD KLP 28 United States

Sea Change 2 x 12" B0004372-01 United States

Sea Change 2 x 12" MFSL 2-308 United States

Sea Change CD 0694933932-A United States

Sea Change CD 0694933932-B United States

Sea Change CD 0694933932-C United States

Sea Change CD UDCD 780 United States

Sea Change CD UICF-1015 Japan

Sea Change CD UICY-91236 Japan

Sea Change DVD B0001840-19 United States

Sea Change SACD 069493537 2 United States

Stereopathetic Soulmanure 2 x 12" FLIP 660 United States

Stereopathetic Soulmanure CD FLIP 60 United States

The Information 2 x CD + DVD B0008341-00 United States

The Information 4 x 12" + 10" BTI0001 United States

The Information CD + DVD 0602517078291 Europe

The Information CD + DVD 0602517078291 Europe

The Information CD + DVD B0007576-00 United States

The Information CD + DVD UICF-9018 Japan

The Information CD + DVD UICF-9018 Japan
:: singles owned ::

Cellphone's Dead 7" 1709487 Europe

Chemtrails 7" INTR-12470-7 United States

Chemtrails 7" XLS 370 United Kingdom

E-Pro 12" B0004457-11 United States

E-Pro 7" 9880053 B Europe

E-Pro CD 10632 France

Frontin' On Debra 12" INTR-11231-1 United States

Gamma Ray 7" B0012114-21 United States

Gamma Ray 7" B0012115-21 United States

Girl 7" 9882471 United Kingdom

Girl CD 10734 France

Green Light 7" OLE 865-7 United States

Hell Yes 12" INTR-11325-1 United States

Hell Yes 7" 9889111 United Kingdom

I Just Started Hating Some People Today 7" TMR128 United States

Let's Get Lost 7" R6836 United Kingdom

Looking For A Sign Digital Media United States

Loser CD GED 21905 France

Lost Cause CD sea003 Europe

Lost Cause CD SIO 0157 Japan

Mixed Bizness CD 9374 France

MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack 7" FLIP 46 United States

O Menina CD INTR-11932-2 United States

Sexx Laws CD 497 180-2 United Kingdom

Sunday Morning 7" United States

Timebomb 12" B0010345-11 United States

Timebomb Digital Media United States

Youthless 7" XLS 402 United Kingdom
:: collaborations owned ::

Vault Package #10 7" TMR126 United States
:: compilations owned ::

'Nacho Libre' Soundtrack CD LKS 338832 United States

Every Mother Counts 2012 CD STC-31809-02 NSPENT12PKG-00563 United States

Hear To Help - A Compilation Benefiting The Haiti Recovery Effort CD United States

Johnny Boy Would Love This: A Tribute to John Martyn 2 x CD LSM 4013 United States

Red Hot + Rio 2 2 x CD EOM-CD-5137 United States

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World CD 0343-2 United States

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: Original Score

The BBC Sessions, Volume 1 2 x CD 873200001722 United Kingdom

The Blues: The Soul Of A Man CD 512570 2 United States

The Harry Smith Project: Anthology Of American Folk Music Revisited 2 x CD + 2 x DVD 826663-10041 United States

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack CD 523836-2 United States

True Blood: Volume 2 CD 524016-2 United States
:: videos owned ::

1st And Hope DVD INTW33174 United States

Director's Series Vol. 3 - The Work of Director Michel Gondry DVD PALMDVD 3069-3 United States

Free Tibet DVD PALMDVD 3020-2 United States

From The Basement DVD EREDV717 United Kingdom

Kill The Moonlight DVD + CD 956 Japan

Michel Gondry 2 - More Videos Before & After DVD 1 DVD 022309 United States

Mutations Filmed Interview VHS United States

Southlander DVD United States

The Blues: The Soul Of A Man DVD CVD 58616 United States
:: songs owned ::

"Rollins Power Sauce"
10,000 Pesos
Already Dead
American Wasteland (Remix By Mickey P.)
Analog Odyssey
Aphid Manure Heist
Arabian Nights
Atmospheric Conditions
Bad Blood
Bad Cartridge (E-Pro Remix)
Beautiful Way
Bit Rate Variations In B-Flat (Girl Remix)
Black Lake Morning
Black Tambourine
Blackfire Choked Our Death
Blue Randy
Bonfire Blondes
Bonus Noise
Bonus Noise (Midnite Vultures)
Born Of Whiskey
Bottle Of Blues
Broken Drum
Broken Drum (Boards Of Canada Remix)
Broken Drum (Dntel Remix)
Broken Train
Burning Boyfriend
Burnt Orange Peel
Canceled Check
Cellphone's Dead
Cellphone's Dead (Ellen Allien Remix)
Cellphone's Dead (Jamie Lidell Limited Minutes Remix)
Cellphone's Dead (Villalobos Entlebuch Remix)
Chain Reaction
Clap Hands
Close To God
Cold Brains
Corrina, Corrina
Crystal Clear (Beer)
Cut 1/2 Blues
Cyanide Breath Mint
Dad Came Home
Dark Star
Dark Star (David Andrew Sitek Remix)
Dead Melodies
Dead Wild Cat
Death To All Hipsters
Devil Got My Woman
Devils Haircut
Diamond Bollocks
Earthquake Weather
Electric Music And The Summer People
Elevator Music
Emergency Exit
Emergency Exit (Th' Corn Gangg Remix)
End Of The Day
Erase The Sun
Farewell Ride
Farewell Ride (Subtle Remix)
Favorite Nerve
Fax Machine Anthem (Dizzee Rascal Remix)
Feather In Your Cap
Feel Like A Piece Of Shit (Cheetos Time)
Feel Like A Piece Of Shit (Crossover Potential)
Feel Like A Piece Of Shit (Mind Control)
Fish Bait
Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods
Frontin' On Debra
Fukin With My Head (Mountain Dew Rock)
Gameboy/Homeboy (Qué Onda Guero Remix By 8-Bit)
Gamma Ray
Garbage Truck
Get Real Paid
Gettin' Home
Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes Remix By 8-Bit)
Ghost Range (E-Pro Remix By Homelife)
Girl (Octet Remix)
Girl Dreams
Go It Alone
Gold Chains
Green Light
Gucci Bag In Flames (Green, Music & Gold Remix)
Guess I'm Doing Fine
Half & Half
He's A Mighty Good Leader
Heaven Hammer (Missing Remix By Air)
Hell Yes
Hidden Track
High 5 (Rock The Catskills)
Hollow Log
Hollywood Freaks
I Get Lonesome
I Just Started Hating Some People Today
I'm So Glad
I've Seen The Land Beyond
Inside Out
It's All In Your Mind
Jagermeister Pie
Katayanagi Twins vs. Sex Bob-Omb
Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Last Night I Traded My Souls Innermost For Some Pickled Fish
Lazy Flies
Leave Me On The Moon
Let's Get Lost
Little One
Lonesome Tears
Lord Only Knows
Lost Cause
Mango (Vader Rocks!)
Mayonaisse Salad
Milk & Honey
Mixed Bizness
Modern Guilt
Movie Theme
MTV Makes We Want To Smoke Crack
Nausea (The Chap Remix)
Nausea Pirates Mix (Bumblebeez Remix)
Necessary Evil
New Round
Nicotine & Gravy
Nitemare Hippy Girl
No Complaints
No Money No Honey
Nobody's Fault But My Own
O Maria
O Menina
One Foot In The Grave
Painted Eyelids
Paper Tiger
Pay No Mind (Snoozer)
Peaches & Cream
Pink Noise (Rock Me Amadeus)
Piss On The Door
Pressure Zone
Profanity Prayers
Puttin It Down
Qué Onda Guero
Qué Onda Guero (Islands Remix)
Qué Onda Guero (Money Mark Remix)
Qué Onda Guero (Nortec Collective Remix)
Rental Car
Rental Car (John King Remix)
Richard's Hairpiece (Remix By Aphex Twin)
Round The Bend
Runners Dial Zero
Salt In The Wound
Satan Gave Me A Taco
Scarecrow (El-P Remix)
See Water
Send A Message To Her
Sexx Laws
Shake Shake Tambourine (Black Tambourine Remix By Ad-Rock)
She Is All (Gimme Something To Eat)
Ship In A Bottle
Side Of The Road
Sing It Again
Sleeping Bag
Soldier Jane
Soul Of A Man
Soul Suckin Jerk
Steal My Body Home
Still Missing (Royksopp Remix)
Strange Apparition
Strange Invitation
Styrofoam Chicken (Quality Time)
Sunday Morning
Sunday Sun
Sweet Satan
Sweet Sunshine
Teenage Wastebasket
Tender Beasts Of The Spangled Night
Terremento Tempo (Earthquake Weather Remix By Mario C)
The Golden Age
The Hardest Button To Button (Beck Remix)
The Horrible Fanfare / Landslide / Exoskeleton
The Information
The New Pollution
The New Pollution (Remix By Mario C. & Mickey P.)
The Spirit Moves Me
There Is No Place In This World For Me
Think I'm In Love
This Girl That I Know
Threshold (8 Bit)
Thunder Peel
Timebomb (Instrumental)
To See That Woman Of Mine
Today Has Been A Fucked Up Day
Total Soul Future (Eat It)
Totally Confused
Tropicália (Mario C 2011 Remix)
Trouble All My Days
Truckdrivin Neighbors Downstairs (Yellow Sweat)
Underwater Music
Vampire Voltage No. 6
Venom Confection (E-Pro Remix By Green, Music & Gold)
Waitin' For A Train
We Are Sex Bob-Omb
We Dance Alone
We Live Again
Where It's At
Where It's At (Remix By U.N.K.L.E)
Whiskey Can Can
Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1997
Woe On Me
Your Love Is Weird
Ziplock Bag
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