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Beck - Thurston/Beck KXLU

Beck - Thurston/Beck KXLU

Beck - Thurston/Beck KXLU

01.  Bedroom Light
02.  Super Christ
03.  Super Funky

On March 3rd, 1994, Beck and Thurston Moore, along with Chris Ballew (soon to be of Beck's band and the Presidents of the USA), went down to Loyala Marymount's radio station, KXLU 89.9FM and performed a half hour of improvised jams, littered with songs constructed on the spot, and general noise rock glory.

Beck and Thurston's label, DGC, then put out a very small run of promotional tapes of this performance to give to industry hipsters, music journalists and the like. Similar to the "History of Beck" tape, this was meant to expose Beck to the music scene and tip them off to what he was all about.

The tape itself is very rare. All copies are most likely shoved in the back of music journalists or L.A. hipsters tape drawers. Die-hard collectors will want it solely to complete their collection, but those expecting cohesive "songs" in the classic sense will be disappointed.

Beck has a long history with KXLU, he used to go down to the station and perform all the time, sometimes solo, sometimes with his old bands like Liquor Cabinet with Steve Hanft.

Unfortunately, this, and the track "Whiskeyfaced Radioactive Blowdryin' Lady" off "KXLU Live Volume 1" are the only released recordings of his performances on the station.

COUNTRY: United States
RELEASE DATE: March 1994

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