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:::::: 11.12.12: Tons Of New Song Titles ::::::

There's a ton of new song titles. Assuming most of these are from Song Reader. Some of the songs titles got cut off, so some of the longer ones aren't the full titles.

Are You Really?
Don't Apologize
Doomsday Rag
Giddy Up! Giddy Up! We're On Our Way To War
I've Fought In Every War
If You Come To My Garden Of Love
If You're Sorry Then Why Don't You Look Sorry
If There's Room For One More In The Fallout Shelter
It Don't Make No Difference What You Do
It's The End Of The World
Judgement Day (Don't Judge Me)
Leave Your Razors At The Door
Money Spells Money
Songs You Won't Be Able To Get Away From
Stop Being A Baby
The 335 Years War
The Final Countdown
There's A Sarcophagus In Egypt With Your Name On It
They Dodn't Believe I Could Do The Fox Trot
When A Mother Says Goodbye To Her Boy
Why Does A Heart That Longs To Love You Have Two Hands That Don't?
Will The Angels Guard My Dady Over There
Won't You Fondle Me
Ye Midnight Stars
You Asked The Questions!
You Don't Have To Change Your Shoes
Zoological Garden

:::::: 08.08.12: New Album 'Song Reader' Is Actually Just Sheet Music ::::::

Beck's next "album" is called "Song Reader," and is actually a set of 20 unreleased songs in sheet-music form. There will be 18 songs with lyrics and 2 instrumentals. If you want to hear the album, you'll need to either hear it performed by other artists, hope that some of them are played live, or hope Beck releases his own renditions. More details here.

I think maybe Beck has converted his studio into a petting zoo or something, because it doesn't seem to be getting a whole lot of use.


:::::: 07.20.12: Beck To Appear On Caetano Veloso Tribute Album ::::::

Beck continues to not make his own albums by contributing his cover of "Michelangelo Antonioni" for a Caetano Veloso tribute. It is to be released some time in 2012. Thanks to the ever-vigilant Ham for uncovering this.


:::::: 07.19.12: Beck Produces 2 Songs On Dwight Yoakam's '3 Pears' ::::::

Dwight Yoakam's new album will be released on September 18th 2012. It is titled '3 Pears' and will have 2 songs produced by Beck in his home studio back in 2008. They are "Missing Heart" and "Heart Like Mine." It is reasonable to expect that the album cover will have some pears, hearts, heart-shaped pears, and some pear-shaped hearts.


:::::: 07.18.12: 3 New Songs On 'Sound Shapes' Soundtrack ::::::

Beck has contributed 3 songs to the soundtrack for the PS3/PS Vita video game "Sound Shapes." They are Cities, Spiral Staircase, and Touch The People. In the game, the music changes depending on how you play, and the resulting mix can be uploaded. There's also an in-game tool to directly create your own remixes. So expect about 5000 remixes of each song.


:::::: 07.17.12: Beck-Related Excerpt From 'Love Rock Revolution' ::::::

The following is a short Beck-related excerpt from 'Love Rock Revolution: K Records and the Rise of Independent Music'. A longer excerpt is in the corresponding post on the BBS. Nothing earth-shattering here, but it does give an interesting account of the recording of One Foot In The Grave and the challenges K had to properly prepare for the inevitable demand for that record.


At the time Beck Hansen went to see Beat Happening play the L.A. date of that tour, the musician had been busking on the city's street corners and playing in coffee shops. He had recorded a cassette but was not widely known or respected. He had learned about K Records through a friendship with Lois Maffeo, but didn't maintain any considerable contact with the label or its bands. After the Beat Happening show, Beck approached Heather, talked with her for a bit, and traded cassettes. For the rest of the Beat Happening tour, Beck's cassette rarely left the tape deck of the band's van. When Calvin returned to Olympia, he began correspondence with the songwriter.


:::::: 07.02.12: Listen to 'Gold Dust Woman' ::::::

The Karen Elson / Beck collaboration of Fleetwood Mac's "Gold Dust Woman" can be streamed here.


:::::: 06.30.12: Beck Produced A Second Childish Gambino Track ::::::

In a June 29th interview on East Village Radio, Childish Gambino revealed that Beck produced a second track on his upcoming mixtape. The title is unknown. That is all.


:::::: 06.15.12: New Book Chronicles The History Of K Records ::::::

The new book "Love Rock Revolution" chronicles the history of K Records. It's sure to have some Beck-related tidbits. It can be downloaded here starting July 10th.


:::::: 06.05.12: The Briefest Of Info On The Yoakam/Beck Collaboration ::::::

There's a short snippet on the Billboard site about the collaboration between Dwight Yoakam and Beck, which should arrive by September of this year:

Just as his 1986 - 2001 stint for the label was cutting edge, Yoakam revealed to the audience that one of his collaborators on the album is rock star Beck. "We got to his home studio," he said, "and we came up with an idea. He ran in, and put a drum beat down on it," says the singer, who compared some of the cuts to a swampier Creedence Clearwater Revival sound.

There's also a short video on Yoakam's Facebook page with David Campbell (frequent Beck collaborator/dad) and a horn quartet in the studio. No idea if that particular song has Beck's involvement, though.

And lastly, Chris Douridas mentioned on his weekend KCRW show that he has heard the Yoakam/Beck country song(s). According to him, Beck's influence is clearly present and the song(s) is/are "very cool." Hmm...


:::::: 05.30.12: Beck Collaboration On 'Silk Pillow' ::::::

Beck provided rap vocals to a song called "Silk Pillow" which is to appear on a future Childish Gambino (a.k.a. Donald Glover) mixtape. You can listed to it here. The lyrics by Beck are reminiscent of "Arabian Nights". The Donald Glover lyrics and delivery are reminiscent of some random YouTuber. :/


:::::: 05.23.12: New Beck 7" On Third Man Records ::::::

Beck and Jack White's Third Man Records will be releasing an extremely-limited 7" with 2 new Beck songs: "I Just Started Hating Some People Today" and "Blue Randy". Lots of pedal steel and over-stuffed jeans. There are clips of both songs on the Third Man Records site if you want a taste.


:::::: 05.16.12: El Rey Show Announced ::::::

Beck will be playing at the El Rey on May 22nd. That's, like, next week.


:::::: 05.07.12: Vegas Show On August 8th ::::::

A Vegas show has been scheduled for August 8th. Tickets go on sale Friday, May 11th at 10am. Lasers.


:::::: 05.01.12: Every Mother Counts 2012 is out ::::::

The Every Mother Counts 2012 CD is out today at your favorite Starbucks in the US and Canada. It includes Beck's version of the Bob Dylan arrangement of "Corrina, Corrina." $8 from each sale goes to help reduce maternal mortality around the world. If you like moms, maybe you should pick up a copy.


:::::: 05.01.12: Beck talks about Philip Glass ::::::

In the April/May 2012 issue of The Fader, Beck provided some of his thoughts about the influence of Philip Glass. Here's a taste:

"He just crisscrosses across all these different cultural tangents and byways. It is something that I would hope to emulate, this sort of opening up a dialogue of what’s possible, where your music can exist and participate, whether it’s in film or with writers or visual artists."

His full comments can be found here.